Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday night football...

We are huge sports fans in our house. Basketball, baseball, football, hockey, mostly everything. We have been super excited that its football season. Our Fresno State bulldogs, had a tough loss against Wisconsin on Saturday 34-31 in Double overtime, and mom was not a happy camper. Sunday we were super excited to have a day full of NFL and pizza! Just being lazy; we didn't have anything to worry about because our Buffalo Bills aren't playing until today. Now we are nervous. We don't really care for that man they call TO that the Bills have this year. He's kind of a crybaby. We hope he can catch a few balls tonight though, it'd be great to start off the season with a win. Do we think its likely? We shouldn't say we don't want mom to get mad at us when she reads this. So for now we hope that the Bills can catch the ball like I can...
Lots of Licks--


  1. BOL!!!! Those pictures in action are amazing!!!!

  2. Very cool action shots! We are mainly a baseball/hockey house but my husband has been turning on the football more and more.. sigh :)

  3. YAY OAKLEY! GREAT CATCH! if that TO guy can't catch any balls tonight, you should DEF try out next season. ;)

    lots of wuff,

  4. oh man they need to draft YOU buddy!! the Bills are up right now, we are hoping they hang on because we don't like the Patriots at all!