Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Back with a May Chewy Review!

Hey everyone,

It's been a while, we took a break from them, but we are back with a new Chewy review!

We missed opening the mail every month.
 What's in the box brother?

These are the Halo 'Liv a Little' freeze dried treats. Chicken recipe.

Time for the taste test...

::no sniffing and licking first from Oakley this time, straight to eating::

Swisher is more than ready!
 This is full concentration mode.

 Aunt V: Hey! Watch the finger bud!

One wasn't enough, so we had to try a couple more. 
 Lip smacking, snout licking good!

The Verdict:

Pros: Mom likes these for us because we do well with freeze dried treats. They have a funny texture, kind of like styrofoam, but consistency like a a dried marshmallow. Bol. Mom also likes them because they are 1.Made with 100% pure chicken breast and are grain free. So not only are they 2.Healthy, they're tasty as well.  3.They come in a convenient sealable container. 4. Versatile. If you crumble it up, you can add it to dry kibble for extra flavor. 5. This is a double doozy treat. Meaning they're good for dogs and cats! 

Cons: The price is a little out of Moms budget. This was a 2.2oz jar, and it runs about $7.99. But you pay for quality. And also, they're so good, they run out fast. Bol.

 Thank you Chewy for giving us the opportunity to review these treats.
We would recommend these treats to all our furiends. C'mon everybuddy. Liv a little.

Lots of satisfied licks,
Swisher and Oakely

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