Tuesday, May 6, 2014

'Wagon' Walk 2014

Hey pals and gals,

We have a fun adventure to share with all of you. In our last post we mentioned our new wagon we just got. And guess what we did this past weekend? Mom, Aunt V and us pawticipated in the 19th Annual SPCA Monterey County Wag n' Walk. This is our 5th year in a row doing it. The Wag N' Walk is a fun walk-a-thon that helps raise money and awareness for homeless, abused and neglected animals in our community.

We always have a great time when we're here. We get to meet new furiends and new human friends, enjoy some snacks, some new smells, and it's all for a great cause. Plus it was time to put this new wagon to use! 
 This is us arriving at the event. Check out Swish arriving in style.

We found the perfect spot to park our wagon, under some shade, and waited for the walk to start.

The walk provides us with a complimentary breakfast. They have bagels, fruit, cookies, granola bars, juice, coffee, and water for the humans. And tons of snacks and treats for us. This is us right after Mom shared her bagel with us.
Don't mind the cream cheese on my chin. Bol.

 We got to mingle with some new furiends.

Big furiends. 

Little furiends.

And even furless friends.
 This lady said "oh look it's a Boston and a Pug-a-licious!", Bol.

The walk was going to begin soon, so Mom harnessed us in. But Swish was way too excited and was not liking the idea of having to sit in the wagon. He wanted to escape. Mom kept telling him that he needs to ride in the wagon because he's way too excited and is already tiring himself out!

I don't know why, it's mighty comfortable in here. I'm starting to like this thing.

Swish said he didn't like the idea of being strapped in. Said it was limiting his 'party animal' image (that's what his shirt says), so Mom and him compromised and settled for riding in the wagon. He was taking up all the comfy room, so I walked out in front with Mom.
 ...and we're off!

There was tons of people. We heard the announcer guy say there was 400 registered walkers. So driving through all that traffic in a wagon was a little tricky.

But Mom and Aunt V found a good system that worked.

During the walk we would make pit stops. To rest. To wait for traffic to go by. To watch walkers. And to take pictures. We found a submarine on our walk!
 They call me Cap't One Eyed Swish!

Oak: This submarine is missing something.
Swish: Water?
Oak: No, a navigator. I see land, Cap't!

This is our turn around location. To be honest, we haven't made it this far in a couple years. We usually have to turn around sooner because Swish's breathing gets pretty bad and Mom and Aunt V have to take turns carrying him all the way back. But not this time!

On our way back we met a nice little girl, named Penelope. And she had a pug sister named Daisy. Daisy liked our wagon. She seemed a bit tired, and being the gentle-dogs we are, we offered her a ride in with us.

 She said thank you kindly and jumped right in!

We made it to the finish line. We said our goodbyes to Daisy and Penelope and we parted ways. Swisher and Mom went to go grab us some complimentary lunch snacks. Usually we will go check out the dog obstacle course, but me and Aunt V went for a little hike instead down by the water and rocks.
Check out all those parked boats over by the docks.  

I've never been on a boat before, I wonder if I'd like it?

After that we headed out. We had a pawesome time. It was a beautiful day. And the wagon was a huge success! And not just for us. We're glad we were able to help out another pug in need. After all, that's what this walk was all about, helping those in need.

We apawlogize for the long post. Hope you all had a great weekend and continue to have a good week. I know we're going to, guess who's turning the big number 8 today?... Swish!

Lots of licks,
Oakley... and Swisher

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  1. That's a pretty sweet ride you've got. And large enough to tote a couple of dogs around! Good for you for walking for other animals in need and helping Daisy.
    Our local SPCA dog walk is in June. Think it may be too hot for us then, even with a stroller. Shoot, it was nearly 90 today, in early May.
    Those wagons come in so handy!