Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Birthday Number 8 was Pawsitively Great!

That's right! Pizza! You know how much we looooove pizza around here, but we love it even more on our birthdays because we get an actual slice. Not just table scraps and crusts (which are still delicious). Last Tuesday was my 8th birthday! Mom said Aunt V was going to come over with some presents and we were going order pizza. And that's exactly what we did.
Yeah that's bacon you see on there! And plenty of it!

We let Mom and Aunt V eat first, and they let our slices of pizza cool down. So we decided to open presents before we ate.

I opened the presents from  Aunt V first. She shared the bag with Mom, but the balloon and card are from her. 

It's got a picture of a pug on it! It says "Sit. Stay...." on the outside and "Party!" on the inside. 

Ok now time for the good stuff. Check out my new birthday bandana Mom got me. It says Birthday Boy on it! I'll tell you right now, it's better than that birthday hat she makes us wear!

Alright! Aunt V got me more bandanas. Two of them. One red and one blue. Perfect to share with my brother.  And a bag of some of our favorite tasty treats!

 Next were the presents from Mom. *sniff sniff*

Stuffies! 2 mushroom stuffies and an orange slice stuffie! These are perfect. Small and bright colors, just how I like them!

What's this? Oh pawsome, it's a BIONIC Bone. You put treats inside of the bone and every time you play with the bone, it feeds you. That's brilliant!

I have a feeling my brother is going to like this bone to destroy and not get eatables. I better watch him with this.
 Swish is not looking, time to act fast!

One more thing from Mom, and it was this Ian's Savory Sauce. It's gravy that you poor over dry food and it's bacon flavor!! This stuff is going to be glorious!

Now THIS is what I've been waiting for! PIZZA!
Mom chopped it into smaller pieces for us because she's afraid we might swallow the slice whole! To be honest, we probably would. And if I ever want pizza again, I probably should eat this carefully. But then again, this is a great way to go out. Bol


 Swish: Gosh my brother is so weird! There's no time for thinking!

After I inhaled, I mean ate all my pizza, Mom said it was time for dessert. But I didn't get out of wearing the silly birthday hat. Mom said I had to wear it at least while they sang happy birthday to me. Mom and Aunt V's friend Monica made cupcakes earlier in the day, and said I could have a few since it was my birthday! Thanks Monica!
 But we didn't have any candles so we had to improvise. Bol. I still made a wish.

 Cupcake time!

Oakley shared in on the goodness.

OMD those cupcakes were so good. Blue raspberry with cream cheese frosting. I don't care if my lips turn blue! This is me licking all the frosting off my face! Bol.

This is us with full bellies from pizza and cupcakes in our new bandanas. Don't we look handsome?

After all the excitement, we rested with our new mushroom stuffies and relaxed the rest of the evening.

I shared my other mushroom stuffie with Oakley too. He doesn't think I saw him with my Bionic Bone, but I see all even with just one eye.
 I like my brother's birthdays, he always shares his cool stuff!

I had a really great birthday. Thank you all for letting me share it with you. The pizza was delicious. The presents were fun. The pizza was delicious. The cupcake was amazing. And the pizza was delicious! Thank you Mom and Aunt V for everything. 

I know we are a little late, but we wanted to wish all the doggy Moms out there a belated Happy Mother's Day!

We pawsitively love our Mom to bacon bits and guess what...today is her birthday too! Happy Birthday Mom!!! That means more celebrating and maybe even more pizza! *paws crossed*

Lots of licks,

pee.s. Thank you Aunt V for helping with this post.


  1. Happy happy birthday to you!

  2. Happy belated birthday to Swisher and mom! Looks like it was a spectacular birthday. Pizza, treats, cupcakes and toys? Amazing! Here's to many more healthy and happy years!