Friday, September 18, 2009

Our Football Friday Post

We know that some of our blog buddies are football fans like us, so we wanted to wish everyone's team good luck this weekend. Our Fresno State bulldogs play a big game tonight (Friday) so we have our paws crossed for them.
Our human bought us these jerseys today.....and whoever causes trouble has to wear the referee shirt. Uh oh!

We hope everyone has a great weekend, whether your teams win or lose. ( And even if you aren't a football fan.)

Lots of Licks,
Oak and Swish


  1. Those are some very handsome shirts.

    Go Bulldogs!

  2. Hi you guys,
    Yes, those are some good lookin.. shirts that you are sportin...Sure hope you dont have to wear the referee shirt!!

    paw knocks


    We wish you could come to Indy in your cool shirts and help us cheer for Holden's team during their game tomorrow! They need help! ;-)

    Maybe your refereeing skills could work in their favor?

    Happy Football weekend!


  4. GREAT JERSEYS! Where did you get them??? They are so nice!

  5. Love the jerseys!!! You both look adorable in the referee jersey, hehhehe!!!

    Have a good weekend and enjoy your game!!!

    Lilo =)

  6. You guys look absolutely great in your new jerseys! That was so nice of your humans to get them for you!

  7. To those who want to know, mom found the jerseys at Walmart, she's usually a Target shopper, but was glad she went to Walmart although once she hit the dog aisle she forgot what she went for. All she came home with was the jerseys and some dog treats. She likes to say we're spoiled.

    Oak and Swish

  8. I love the jerseys!!! I am begging my mama to get me one too now. Have fun chasing the football this weekend Oakley & Swisher! My mama is already trying to think of a Halloween costume for me, and she wanted me to ask you two if you have costumes or ideas?

  9. Awww nice jerseys guys! I am STILL waiting for my Patriots one....Mommy promised this year she'll buy me one!
    Happy Football Weekend!

    Hugs and Licks, Bruschi

  10. Wow cool shirts. Mom better get us a jersey soon!
    Benny & Lily

  11. Thanks for letting us know where you got the shirts...Mom likes the ref shirt! You guys look good in your new shirts!

  12. HEY BOYS!

    I'm loving the new jerseys! u guys look pawsitively handsome! If people aren't football fans, they're sure to change their minds w/ these pictures. Who wouldn't want to see u wearing these threads!

    u guys better behave. No ref shirts for u. although u guys do look adorable!!!

    ~Tia V

  13. Great threads, boys!! We are watching the Freson Bulldogs right now! What a game! You post reminded my mom that I have a "rufferee" shirt myself - gotta find that....
    Hope you can pull though in the 4th quarter!!

    Brutus the Frenchie
    (I'm happy to say I think we started something with football fridays!)

  14. Hi Oakley & Swisher! Those jerseys are so cool. I don't have any jerseys so I'm going to tell Mom that she needs to buy me some.

    I will be watching some football this weekend and I will cheer for Freson State for you.

    Stubby xoxo

  15. Nice shirts, guys! and they fit perfect! (your muscles show through nicely). I am sure the pug and boston girls will be sniffing around if you go to the park wearing those shirts.

  16. Oh my goodness! Those pics are too cute. I love the faces on these guys :) So cute!

  17. We just watched the cuz hiding video, SO good! We have that Cuz too. Our team plays at 1pm, GO STEELERS!

  18. Love the ref shirt!! Do you have to go out in the middle of the field and tell them that you totally blew the last call and will be making it up to the other team? (like that tv commercial?) Haha

  19. Oh! You all are tooooo much!! Love it.
    We are 'Go Giants' over here...but so far, dad's the only one wearing all the hats, jackets and jerseys. Will have to get him to make a trip to WalMart..might have to be the East Coast one though.

    Have fun! Great stuff!
    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose